First Rehearsal

08 de Agosto de 2011 Poeta de Quinta Ensaios 1026

Take me to places far reaches
Miss me in the most distant way
Find me in the most uncertain circumstance
Raise me to the highest cloud
Knocks me down to the most burning hell
Send me to the beautiest heaven
Lock me in the darkest paradise
Free me with the rawest truth
Convict me with the hardest penalty
Convince me with the wisest argument
Enchanted me with the most sagacious thought
Hurt me with the shameless illusion
Cure me with the simplest word
Strengthen me with the most stunning photography
Hunt me with the most powerful curse
Forgive me with the most unusual why
Fool me with the most ingenious tricks
Asleep me with me the most affectionate whisper
Wake me with the brightest smile
Detract me to the most tortuous path
Guide me with the smoothest walk
Doctrine me with the most liberal rules
Shiver me with the most surprising reason
Drunk me with the strongest drink
Numb me with the deepest wish
Poison me with the most demonic sin
Mad me with the noisiest silence
Complete me with the hottest dream
Read me in the lines of the most romantic love letter
Swallow me with the most uncontrollable hunger
Excite me with the most desirable feeling
Seduce me with the most provocative clothes
Provoke me with the most irresistible voice
Hypnotize me with the sexiest vision
Undress me with the hungriest look
Surround me with the tightest hug
Discover me with the slowest hand
Possess me with the gentlest touch
Consume me with the wildest desire
Deaf me with the loudest scream
Tie me with the softest silk
Blindfold me with your eyes and seal my words with your lips

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